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Tagore Award 2021

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Carl Heyward (The Antonym Artist of the Month August 2021) in conversation with Tapas Ray

Carl Heyward is an American contemporary artist, writer and curator who works primarily with mixed media. His paintings and collage work juxtapose diverse imagery to explore ideas of fragmentation.

The Refugee – A Short Story by Debesh Roy

Enamul was attracted to Anima even before the Partition. After the formation of Pakistan he wrote quite a few letters to her but received no reply. He tried to talk with her when he occasionally met her in the streets. He often visited Anima’s house, addressed her mother as, “Ma” and insisted for tea. Anima was forbidden to go out of the house when he told her that all her family members would be killed if she refused to be his wife.

Dreams and Nightmares – Ryan McCourt

Created as part of a larger, wide-ranging, playful deconstruction of art historical imageries, This series is the result of sampling artworks available on free digital archive to offer a new, ambiguous or radially symmetrical view of images that can be viewed in 180-degree flipped orientations.

Marriage to a Man from The Point of View of a Woman – Kieran Vaughan

The hoary grandfather clock in the living room doles out the time: quarter to three. The rest of the two-story house continues to sleep. The three children in the upstairs bedroom don’t stir as I creep up to their cracked door. They sleep silently, not even a breath can be heard. I kiss each of their small blonde heads, perfectly brushed and in place, then quickly scurry down the staircase. I should be in my own bed at this hour, but excitement keeps me from tiredness.

Poems by Mehmet Taner

The janitor’s daughters are gathering honey
In the garden, their cardigans all red
But in me
There is no honey, no honey at all.

Bihari and Rohingya diaspora of Bangladesh – Mojaffor Hossain

Diaspora Literature is what a writer writes in in a diasporic situation, that is, living in exile for some reason or leaving his country in search of a livelihood. Similarly, diaspora theater, film and painting have now become individual subjects of study and research.

Poetry Performance by Laure Cambau

Laure Cambau lives in Paris. She is a poet and a pianist, as well as an author of stories for children and of song lyrics.

“A basket full of God’s bones” and the “Strange Art“of Translation

Bishnupriya Chowdhuri In conversation with Chillian poet Mario Melendez and his translator Jeremy Paden

Tagore Award for Translated Fiction from Bengali

The Submission is open now.

Open call for submission for the 2021 competition, $1500 in prizes

The Antonym magazine is proud to announce its 2021 Translation award from Bengali in the name of Tagore who continues to inspire all Indian in general, Bengalis in particular.

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