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Becoming and Belonging – Confluence of East and West Shaped by Carola Eijsenring’s Poetic Journey

As we talked with Carola and explored her journey as a poet and then as a poetry performer, it is evident that she could blend her heritage from the East with the living experience in the West.

Poems by Luan Rama

My country is a narrative
ancient as the world,
it’s a slope that descends in sweeps,
like broken eagle wings.
It’s a river of tears
emptying into a sea of bitterness,
it’s a bitter and tenebrous spring.

The Bilimbi Note – A Short Fiction by Kizzy Tahnin

The Bilimbi tree. It stood majestically in the backyard holding its head high. The tree was covered in parrots – as though they were attending an important meeting. I rested my face on the balcony railings and inspected it.

Indian Science Fiction – A Panel Discussion

The Antonym brought together a wonderful panel of India Science Fiction writers and critics to discuss the uniqueness of Indian Science Fiction. We had Subodh Jawadekar, the renowned Science and Science Fiction writer in Marathi: Dipen Bhattacharya, who writes in Bengali., featuring the social dynamics of imagined future societies interwoven with scientific principle and T.G. Shenoy, a Science Fiction columnist and critic, the writer of India’s longest-running weekly SF column in India,

Bhaisaab’s Bespoke Brides Boutique – A Speculative Story by Shweta Taneja

It was a family of three: A high-caste husband, his head shaven except for the long ponytail that spouted from the middle of his head. His wife, an old model of DesiBots™ was dressed in a prim cotton sari. And his teenager son, thin, gangly, uncertain, about nineteen. In other words, of perfect marriageable age.

. (Full Stop) – A Science Fiction by Soham Guha

Language posed a barrier. So, it was difficult for Captain James Cook to understand what the Maori Chief was trying to say. However, the smell of the burnt meat from the open furnace that wafted in the air made something very clear. 

The Truth Behind Love – Hiba Ahmed

What does it truly mean to love? To be loved? Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, depicts the meaning of life and love. 

Poems by Guido Cupani

Guido Cupani is an Italian poet and astrophysicist. His poetry collections include Meno Universo,  Le felicità and Qualcosa di semplice sulla neve. Poems are translated from the Italian by Patrick Williamson.

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